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Dear Fellow Downtown Merchants:

In 2019 we have all experienced torn up streets, detours and sudden broken pipes.  This will all come to an end soon and we will have newly paved streets, different parking, and in time, a an improved traffic direction.

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This is content, but not really, it’s mainly just filler.  Please continue to peruse and read and think,”Why am I reading this?”  If you have a business downtown, you should register and list your business in the directory, more things to come. I promise.  Don’t have a business downtown? No worries, we can write something about you, or you can help us by sponsoring a business, get your name out there.

Do you like to write? Photography? Or maybe video?

If you enjoy any of these things and would like to contribute to this space, by all means, fill this out and let’s get your work out there, completely accredited to you but on display here.  You’re welcome?

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