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We are all super pleased with the result and having such a talented person help us to restore history, art and interest to our beautiful downtown.

This is what Sarah had to say about this project on her facebook page.

“This is my 6th ghost 😱 sign restoration. Really pleased with the technique and amount of coverage here! There are generally 3 approaches to ghost signs (faded wall advertisements): 
1️⃣. Leave them as is 
2️⃣. Touch them up with less than 100% coverage 
3️⃣.Repaint them to look brand new with 100% coverage.

If they are still legible I’m in full support of leaving them as is…ghost signs have an artistic beauty in the faded aged appearance. If they get to the point where portions are losing visibility, I’m in support of touching them up🖌, but like to avoid 100% coverage so they maintain some of the historic look and natural aging process. Often the repainted coverage % depends on the client’s preference. Here, we left the Harold Hodges Insurance as is because it was mostly visible, but Sky Chief was starting to disappear. The approach was to make the Sky Chief/Texaco lettering and logos visible again, but not overpower the Harold Hodges sign above. I think we nailed it. Special thanks to my volunteer painters 🎨– Cheri Bedford (Paris’ Main Street Coordinator/Historic Preservation Officer) and Ashlea Mattoon (Main Street Volunteer)! Downtown Paris, Texas

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