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Dear Fellow Downtown Merchants:

In 2019 we have all experienced torn up streets, detours and sudden broken pipes. This will all come to an end soon and we will have newly paved streets, different parking, and in time, an improved traffic direction.

We are in for a whole new perspective. Coming soon we will be seeing new planters, and dedicated trees planted. Join us to make 2020 the year we have a fresh and clear new start. We want you to join us in this upcoming adventure. I hope we can clean up, plant up and paint up for a refurbished and revitalized historic outlook for our city.

It is time to pay our dues for 2020 membership or Join PDA and become a new member. Please follow the link to either Pay dues or sign up for Paris Downtown Association membership.  Your complete information is needed to help us fill out our map. We use QR Codes on the map and all of your information, including hours of operation, address and contacts, etc. are important so we can more accurately represent your business. We greatly appreciate your membership and participation to our association. If you are adding the American Flag to your membership, that aspect needs to be submitted as soon as possible.

Glee Emmite
Membership Coordinator